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I received these products complimentary to test out, but all opinions are my own. 

Hello lovelies! Today is a review on these 2 products. Keep reading to hear my opinions!

Sonic Washcloth

I absolutely love this. It is similar to a clarisonic, but it is rubber so it does not harbor bacteria like the clarisonic. It has 2 different speeds which is super useful. I use this every night with my Philosophy purity cleanser. 


This stands for Acne Clearing Eraser and it is basically an LED light that you use on pimples to get rid of them. This definitely reduces the inflammation, but not so much the redness. I love this though. I use it a couple times a day on a problem area and it goes away much faster than normal!
Thank you so much for reading! I hope this was helpful! Have a great day! πŸ™‚


Osea Malibu Skincare

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Hello lovelies!! Long time no blog… I have been focusing on my YouTube channel and haven’t gotten around to blogging… I plan to hopefully keep up with both in the future. But ANYWAYS, this post is going to be all about Osea Malibu skincare!!! I am so excited to write this blog post! I recently filmed a Skincare routine video featuring this brand and now I am writing a blog post! 

About The Brand 

Osea actually stands for ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere. This 100% vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten free, natural derived skincare brand is family-run and based out of Malibu, CA. They were the first skincare brand to sign the campaign for safe cosmetics in 2001. All of their products are made using USDA certified organic algae from Patagonia. They are in spas all around the United States and you can also buy their products online. 

My Experience

I was sent a few products from the Osea Skincare line and here is my experience with them. 

  1. Ocean Cleansing Mudd. Let’s start off with the not-so-great. This is a cleanser designed to suck toxins out of the skin and sweep away impurities, clear blemishes, and control oil. While that sounds amazing, my skin was far too dry for this product. This dried my skin out too much, but I gave this to my friend who has oily skin and struggles with blemishes and she LOVED it. It really did control her oil and clean her skin after a long day of wearing makeup. This is an amazing product for oily skin people. – $44 USD
  2. Ocean Cleansing Milk. Now this product is AMAZING. I have tried so many cleansers in the past that just didn’t feel like they were actually cleaning my face and moisturizing at the same time. With my dry skin, my cleanser needs to clean and moisturizer at the same time. This product really does that. I can’t recommend this product enough. – $48 USD
  3. Atmosphere Protection Cream. This is an amazing lightweight moisturizer that I use every morning. I do use a heavier moisturizer at night, but that is only because of my dry skin. This moisturizer is meant to protect your skin against the damage from the everyday environment. I love this moisturizer and it is a great base for makeup. – $48 USD
  4. Sea Vitamin Boost Mist. This is a hydrating mist to spray on your face throughout the day. I love this mist because sometimes my face gets dry throughout the day, but I have makeup on and can’t put moisturizer on. This is perfect to keep in my purse and spray on throughout the day. – $38 USD

Overall, I love this brand and what they stand for. The price isn’t drugstore prices, but the products are well worth the money. 

Here is a link to their website. Let me know if you purchase anything!!!πŸ’• 


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Food, Food - Vegan

Hello lovelies! So today’s post is all about TEA. I love tea and I always opt for it at night right before I go to sleep. BUT, I recently discovered the best tea I have ever tried in my life. No, I am not exaggerating. GoSkinnyTea. Are you trying to get your summer body? This can help you!!

About It

This tea is a detox tea that is made with ALL organic, natural ingredients. I have done half of my detox and I am already loving it!! I wake up less bloated, I feel lighter, and my stomach looks flatter!!! 

They have a 14 day detox and a 28 day detox. If you are looking for a quick fix, I would highly recommend the 14 day. If you are looking for something a little more long term to help you lose some weight, I would recommend the 28 day detox. You drink it once a day and I add a little bit of agave syrup. It tastes amazing!!! Most detox teas I have tried taste really sour and bad, but this one is amazing. 

I have already seen results and it has been a week!! I highly recommend this, and the best part, I HAVE A COUPON CODE TO SAVE YOU MONEY!!! That’s right, you can get this for super cheap with my code!!! Use the code tori10 to save you some $$$!!!! 

Here is the link to the website. Enjoy your new body! 😘


YouTube Channel…. and giveaway?!


Hello lovelies! As I’m sure you know, I recently started a YouTube channel. I plan to become more active on there than on here. Please subscribe and let me know you came from my blog! πŸ™‚ I will be doing a giveaway once I reach 100 subscribers, 500 subscribers, and 1,000 subscribers! πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

Here is a link to my latest video. https://youtu.be/acUuYeYEACs